Early Detection Conference Nov 2007

The EARLY DETECTION RESOURCES were launched at a conference in Manchester on November 7th 2007, markingthe conclusion of a collaboration between NIMHE N.West and NIMHE W.Midlands. The conference to over 140 people enjoyed local, national and international speakers...

 Humphrey, CEO of Bolton, Salford & Trafford MH Trust in opening this conference declared "My job is to knock down a few walls"

"The best hope now for the prevention of schizophrenia lies with the indicated preventive interventions targeted at individuals manifesting precursor signs and symptoms who have not yet met full criteria for diagnosis. The identification of individuals at this early stage, coupled with the introduction of pharmacological and psychological interventions may prevent the development of the full -blown disorder"

Mrazex and Haggerty 1994

The presentations.

John Marshall describes why Early Detection services make sense to him as a commissioner

Paul Patterson conveys the sense of excitement at the genuine possibility of preventing psychosis at the earliest stage, and reflecting on just how far we have come in our understanding and interventions in recent years

Alison Yung reviews some of the issues arising from current research into Ultra High Risk of Psychosis

Sophie Parker takes you though some of the practical CBT approaches used in early detection clinical practice

Rory Byrne gave insights into some personal experiences of an 'at risk mental state' and how interventions can be effective in preventing a progression to a psychosis.

Samantha Bowes gives a practical account of the work of the Salford Early Detection Service: EDIT

Shon Lewis reminds us of the International Early Psychosis Association (2005) clinical practice guidelines for treating those with an At Risk Mental State.

Helen Lester reviews the Birmingham Redirect trial which offered GP education as an intervention to support earlier detection