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Congratulations to Keith Butler and Steve Bell on the 2nd birthday of your website

Keith Butler describes how it happened:
"Steve and I came up with the idea of a website in November 2000 actually during a Conference on Early Intervention in Psychosis.  As we heard the various presentations we realised there was a gap in the whole area of information  about the risk of serious mental illness to a naïve and troubled group of young people - those at risk of developing psychosis."

Where did you see a niche for your website idea?
"Further trawling of the Internet for sites on early psychosis confirmed a gap in the market and we became determined to establish a site which decreased stigma, contained minimal jargon and targeted the age group of about 15-25.   With great support from clinical colleagues and from what is now the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, areas such as: intellectual property, an overview from the R&D and the local Ethics Committee as well as the NHS Litigation Authority, were navigated."

What practical steps followed?

"The IT department next! It took a year of work with our IT specialists through several prototypes to arrive at the current format of a networked storyboard making the website what it is today.  The final product was vetted for IT accessibility to people with disabilities and rated at ‘Triple A' (the highest).

Finally we needed some funding.  Our Early Intervention Service contributed much of the £3500 costs and Janssen Cilag also kindly contributed £500. "

And then, finally, success!  The site went live in October 2007
Since going live:
·     18,800 hits in October 2009 - our best month yet!
·     International reach:  North America 60%, Europe with 23% (including the UK with 20%)
·     Our average hits per month over the past year has been about 14,000

‘Am I OK?' is at the top of page 1 when ‘googled'.  This is a position it has maintained for 18 months against Google's set of ranking criteria, proving that this website is simple, clear and user-friendly - it does what it says on the tin.

‘thanx 4 the help'
One young person succinctly gave this verdict, using our one-way e-mail facility.


Take a look and tell us what YOU think?

Keith Butler Oct 2009
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Buckinghamshire Early Intervention Service