Useful Links

National Links

Rethink: National Mental Health Charity

MIND National Mental Health Charity

Institute of Psychiatry and South London Mental Health Trust: a site designed specifically for carers of people experiencing psychosis.

Child and Maternal Public Health Observatory  (incorporating NCSS - National CAMHS Support Service) supports the effective commissioning and delivery of children's pyschological health, emotional wellbeing and mental health services.

Am I OK? Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust Early Intervention Website

Voice Collective:  a new London-wide project developing peer support groups for young people (aged 12-18) who hear, see or sense things others don't. The site includes useful info on voices & visions, coping & recovery and getting help in a crisis.

BBC Headroom self help resource

YoungMinds- Youth mental health site targeted at 16-25 year olds providing useful information and support for understanding and coping with mental health issues.

Read the Signs:  - Colourful interactive youth site promoting

understanding and open mindedness about mental health in Britain.

Where`s Your Head at:   Birmingham Youth mental health service mental health awareness website

Wikipedia entry on early intervention in psychosis or early psychosis.

Wikipedia is an important source of information for the general public

Am I Normal: North East EI services website

International Website Links

IEPA Inernational Early Psychosis Association

EPPIC Australian site

DETECT link to Dublin Detect EIS  Information on early intervention in psychosis for the general public and professionals - an Irish initiative

Ireland Shine-Supporting People Affected by Mental Ill Health website

Psychosis Sucks Canadian Site

PEPP Canadian site

Get help early Canadian site

The TIPS Project Norwegian website (press english 'button')

Get on Top:- Australian site aimed at helping young people cope with and manage mental health issues.